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Improving Profit Margins in E-commerce

Nick Brown / February 25, 2020 / Sales & Marketing, Website Best Practices

Online shopping is very popular today, which is why eCommerce is as successful as it is. People simply don’t want to go out and shop when they have the option of doing it in their own homes, for a lower price and with more variety of choice.

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The Patient Experience Starts Online

Casey O'Quinn / May 26, 2017 / Website Best Practices, Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare is changing. The move toward value-based care has put patients in the driver’s seat and patient experience is as important as ever. 

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[VIDEO] Web Design Lie Detector Test

Casey O'Quinn / October 27, 2016 / Website Best Practices
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B2B Website Best Practices that Will Bring in Traffic

Casey O'Quinn / September 22, 2016 / Website Best Practices

The top-ranking 20 B2B companies have brand values that are nowhere near what they should be. Much of the industry is characterized by sloppy, unimaginative digital campaigns executed with the creative flair of a rock. IBM, in top spot, had a brand value of $107, 541, yet...

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Website Design Inspiration for Non-Designers

Casey O'Quinn / September 20, 2016 / Website Best Practices

2016’s UI focus, responsiveness, and interactive power have obliterated the design landscape and re-launched it as something fresh and thrilling. Gone are the days when you needed infinite code to create an interactive site. There are no excuses for a shoddy web design...

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Behind Every Good Website is a Good Website Content Writer

Matt Brannon / September 15, 2016 / Website Best Practices

When the internet was only a twinkle in Robert Kahn’s eye, marketing was limited to buying, sales, and advertising. As the digital world evolved, it became a more multidisciplinary field, with each discipline managed by talented craftsmen. Compelling content has become one of...

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How to Apply the 80-20 Principle to Website Ideas

Casey O'Quinn / September 8, 2016 / Website Best Practices

Clutter is as catastrophic to web design as it is to fine art. Present your audience with every website element including the kitchen sink and you’ll earn none of their focus. This is only one of the many ways the Pareto Principle evidences itself in the online marketing...

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What Does SEO Stand for? (and other questions you're embarrassed to ask)

Casey O'Quinn / September 1, 2016 / Website Best Practices

Having a business school qualification doesn't necessarily prepare you for online marketing 2.0. To succeed in the digital age, you must evolve at the same lightning-quick pace that internet marketing does, a difficult achievement if you're new to the field.

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What the best b2b websites have in common

Casey O'Quinn / August 25, 2016 / Website Best Practices

B2B web design is enjoying a heyday exhilarating enough to entice even the most apathetic of marketers. From’s superb functional minimalism to Digital Ocean’s dynamic animations, you’d be forgiven for thinking the best B2B websites have nothing in common. They might...

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Website Planning: How to Make or Break Your Project

Casey O'Quinn / August 2, 2016 / Website Best Practices

If you’re not technologically inclined, website planning might seem like a complex and headache-inducing ordeal. It certainly can be, if you haven’t approached the process strategically.

Here are a few factors to consider when undergoing a website redesign.

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