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How to Plan a Website and Avoid Headaches

Casey O'Quinn / July 19, 2016 / Website Best Practices

Without an online presence, you probably won’t exist for long out in the real world. These days, customers rarely know companies unless Google knows them, too, so your website is a necessity. If you’re wondering how to plan a website, you probably feel more intimidated than you...

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Creating a blog that people AND search engines will read

Casey O'Quinn / July 15, 2016 / Website Best Practices

Creating a Blog in Five Simple Steps

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How do I start a blog?

Casey O'Quinn / July 8, 2016 / Website Best Practices

Blogging has become a critical way to reach new clients and introduce buyers to the first point in your marketing funnel, but with Google algorithms changing on a monthly basis, it can be challenging to figure out how to gain search engine rank. The corporate world uses blogging...

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6 Website Ideas That Will Impress Your Boss

Matt Brannon / May 19, 2016 / Website Best Practices

You have been given the daunting task of redesigning the company website in order to attract more leads and potential clients. Where do you start? There are so many different opinions online but you only have so much time. Let’s take a look at a few website ideas to get you on...

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Getting to page 1 on Google

Casey O'Quinn / October 30, 2013 / Website Best Practices

Google Panda, Penguin, and now Hummingbird… what’s with all the critters? Google uses code-names for each version of it’s search algorithm. Hummingbird is the newest flavor, and it represents the most significant rebuild to it’s search algorithm in a very long time. It’s all...

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