Stop Goofing Off, Create a Real Marketing Plan with a Marketing Agency

Casey O'Quinn / October 18, 2016 / Sales & Marketing

marketing agencyThese days, it’s all too common to apply a marketing degree that might as well come from the middle ages to the online world. Putting your 1994 diploma to work on a 2016 campaign is synonymous with letting your favorite 10-year-old nephew manage your strategy. In fact, knowing today’s 10 year-olds, he might do a better job than you.

An inbound marketing campaign doesn’t start with articles written by Bruce the receptionist and his neighboring cubicle residents. It starts with a highly specialized crew who spends its days understanding how Google works, what each social network achieves across industries, and why. Your marketing plan can only be effective if it’s created around today's algorithms and media trends. Last week’s simply won’t do.

How a Campaign Begins

To produce guaranteed results, your online strategy must start with an understanding of your existing metrics:

  • How many visitors is your site attracting?
  • How many are clicking out as soon as they click in?
  • How much time is each visitor spending on your site?
  • How many are converting to the next step in your marketing funnel?
  • How many impressions are you receiving on social media?

Once you’ve explored your business and marketing goals with your marketing agency, we’ll figure out who your buyers are, where they spend their online time, and what motivates them.

Branding Still Matters

If you don’t have a comprehensively crafted brand, even your favorite nephew can’t help you generate satisfactory profits, let alone sparkling ones. At Gravity Digital, we believe your business deserves a brand as rich and valuable as the world's best, so we'll develop one.


Even Pulitzer-Prize-worthy content gains no audience if it’s filtered through shoddy channels. We’ll document your strategy, carefully craft your brand identity, and match premium ideas to premium channels. Every industry responds differently to different media and websites, so we’ll earn engagement from your buyers through those that apply uniquely to your sector. Then we’ll draft a search engine optimization campaign that puts your online content where all eyes are looking—at the top of Google and in the social media feeds of your clients.


We’re the kind of marketing agency who enjoys potent returns that keep on giving long after the investment has been made, and this is where influencer marketing enters the picture. 92% of consumers trust recommendations from individuals more than brands, so we’ll identify and leverage your most influential buyers before we draft your social media strategy. Networking on a platform that has a billion users is as complex as rocket science, so you need a digital marketing agency who knows how to achieve that.

Of the many B2C businesses with a content strategy, a meagre 37% are happy with their results. 77% will still generate more content in the coming year. We’ll forgive you if you’re puzzled by those numbers because we are, too. At Gravity Digital, we prefer a targeted approach with measurable return on investment (and rank). We believe you will, too, because who doesn’t love profits?

Try a 90-Day Scale or Bail Campaign!

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Casey founded Gravity Digital in 2000 after serving as the Internet Services Director for a Nashville-based Ad Agency. He's a rare breed that operates both left and right brain, so along with oversight of the company he's active in the creative process for our clients.

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