Make em' stop scrolling by finding the villain

Matt Brannon / May 24, 2019 /


We chuckle when we see the "Texas Hammer" ads, but you know what?

They've been working for Jim Adler for a long time.

It's because (in his own way) he's identified with his customer's pain and frustration and promised that he's going to go and crush the bad guy that wronged them.

Underneath the theatrics, that's a powerful message.

So, what does that look like in real life for a healthcare provider? Here's an example of one we just released this week. In this video, we addressed the villain of major knee surgery.



So what about you?

Are you spouting off your credentials (like everyone else) or are you speaking to the conversation that's happening inside the mind of your customer?

Try a 90-Day Scale or Bail Campaign!

About the Author Matt Brannon

Matt graduated from Baylor University in 2003 and married his college sweetheart Ginny. They moved to Austin and Matt began working for Governor Rick Perry, first as an Advance Man and then later as the Governor’s Executive Aide. In 2007, Matt and Ginny moved to Los Angeles where Matt worked in public relations for an independent film (and Toronto Film Fest winner), “Bella”. His primary role was implementing grassroots efforts on a new online network called “Facebook”. After the promotion of Bella came to an end, Matt worked various jobs in entertainment and also spent 5 years working at Cedars-Sinai hospital. in 2013, Matt and Ginny moved back to their home state of Texas and joined the team at Gravity Digital. Matt’s distinctive value for his clients is his ability to bring out-of-the-box ideas and solve problems creatively.

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