How a Local Bakery Used Online Advertising to Double Holiday Sales

Casey O'Quinn / October 6, 2016 / Sales & Marketing

online advertisingThe world’s brand giants can be found right at the forefront of public consciousness whenever the nation is celebrating. The feel-good factor of the holidays makes them the perfect time to introduce clients to your business. Your brand will bring their lives plenty of gladness and cheer, which is precisely what they are looking for.

We believe that your holiday campaign should, at the very least, double your sales, so that’s what we did for Montgomery Bakehouse last season.

When we began, we weren’t satisfied with the Google attention the Montgomery Bakehouse site was receiving or it's social media presence. Those were only the most obvious tweaks, though. We put together a multi-tiered strategy that doubled their takings from the previous season. We won’t take all the credit. We can assure you their cakes are delicious enough to send your vacation diet into utter disarray, and their staff are known for being as sweet as their apple dumplings, but we’re here to talk about marketing. Just give us a second to finish our Texas Tornado cookies first.

Search Rank

We directed Google’s bots towards the site by optimizing it for the search engine’s latest algorithms. We also extended their reach by building an order form into a landing page that gave hungry clients an easy way to buy. We call that part of the strategy “doing a good deed” because neighboring towns shouldn’t have to live without Montgomery Bakehouse's Cinnamon Rolls. We also reinforced an outbound email list created conveniently from their point of sale system.

Social Reach

We carefully crafted Montgomery’s marketing personas. Online advertising can only compete if demographics are properly honed so we created two broader personas: foodies and those shopping for corporate gifts. From there, we ran an online advertising campaign on social media and through paid search. This is where the holiday season’s emotive effects really shone through our superb visuals and evocative language.

Paid search is a $34 billion industry because it works. It’s larger than outdoor, radio, and cinema advertising because it’s presented to consumers the moment they express interest in your product. We wanted to make sure Montgomery Bakehouse was the first thing consumers saw when they developed a craving.

The Evolving Strategy

No online advertising campaign should end once it's active. Analytics must be studied, assessed, and adjusted to. As a digital marketing agency, we always modify and improve our strategy as campaigns run, dialing up the facets that produce conversions and replacing those that don't. We learn more about buyers in the process and adapt to suit our growing understanding.

The campaign was remarkably effective. Montgomery’s local population is about 163, 000. Their Facebook reach alone rose to 101, 000 impressions. Now that’s what we call success. If you’d like to enjoy the same returns, Gravity Digital is eager to get you there. If you're local, we'll happily meet you at Montgomery Bakehouse over a cup of coffee and a pastry.

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