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Adam Turinas

Adam is Healthlaunchpad's founder and a healthcare technology entrepreneur. He is passionate about helping startups and tech firms succeed healthtech through better sales and marketing. In 2012, in partnership with a physician, he founded Practice Unite, later renamed Uniphy Health. This company did business with dozens of multi-hospital healthcare systems, providing collaboration tools to over 70,000 clinicians. In 2019, Uniphy Health was sold to a strategic buyer. Prior to that Adam spent over 20 years in marketing working with Fortune 500 companies globally.
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Two Books That Changed How I Think About Marketing

Adam Turinas / August 13, 2020 / Healthcare Marketing

The way companies market has changed fundamentally in the last decade

There are a new set of rules to be a successful marketer and firms who get to grips with these can really thrive. One of the reasons I started Healthlaunchpad was to help healthtech companies grow their...

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