2 Costly (and common) Google Ads Mistakes

Tyler Clemens / February 4, 2019 /


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Matt: So Tyler, you are probably the best person that I know at running Google Ads and I'm thankful that you do that for us and for our clients. I think you do a great job.

I know that usually, when we bring on a new client or when we're talking about working with them, we usually do an audit of their Google Ads account. And I know from the things that you've told me, you see a lot of common mistakes, ways that people are wasting some money and could be doing some things better. So I was hoping that you would share some of that wisdom so that people don't make those mistakes.

Tyler: Yes. So the good thing is a few of these things are very simple to fix, but they're also easy to overlook when you're first setting up an account, whether it's you running the account or you have somebody running it for you within the office or wherever it may be.

The first one I want to discuss was is negative keywords. And essentially what a negative keyword is, we want to put keywords into our account or our campaigns that we tell Google we don't want to show up in searches for these keywords. And so, to give you guys some examples, this is our gravity digital account. So this is one of the campaigns inside our account and some of the negative keywords that we have in our campaign.

And so some of you could actually relate on a medical or chiropractic side because you maybe don't want to show up when somebody is searching back pain or looking for a chiropractor, let's say, or a medical practice, pain management. You don't want to necessarily show up when somebody is looking for salaries in that profession. And you also don't want to look up with somebody or come up when somebody is looking for jobs even. And so we have those for us on certain campaigns. You might have some campaigns where you're running for that and that's fine. But that's essentially wasting spend because if somebody sees your ad and clicks on it, now you just had to pay for somebody who came to your site looking just for a job and not to come in as a potential patient.

Matt: Yeah. You're running these ads so that people make appointments and you're now paying so that someone can try to contact you to get a job or something.

Tyler: Exactly. Or just see what salary options you have or what you pay per hour and that's not something that on a patient side of things you want to be showing for in those searches. And so all you've got to do is simply come in here to your keywords, click on negative keywords in this little plus button up here, and then you just add in the keyword that you don't want to show up for. So that could be jobs, it could be salaries, it could be...I'm trying to think of another good example...

Matt: It could be some kind of treatment or therapy or something that you don't offer that people commonly contact you for and you're like, "We don't do that." Put that in there.

Tyler: We have some clients that don't want to show up for insurance because they don't necessarily take insurance. So they'll add those as negative keywords in here as well.

Matt: Very good. So what else?

Tyler: The next thing, number two, again, very simple, is if you're coming into your settings within a campaign and you go to locations. The other thing that we typically see is you're targeting certain areas. Now, this is our campaign. So we're not just local, we work with clients all over the country. And so we're targeting all the U.S. in this particular campaign. However, we are excluding certain areas here on the map. And this is typically where, you know, we have clients already and people we're already working with and so we don't want to overlap and show up in searches for people that we wouldn't work with because we already have some clients in that area.

Matt: Yeah. They've got some exclusivity with us.

Tyler: Right. So what I also want to show is we're not essentially targeting Canada. So I'm not targeting Canada up here. But what I happen to see if I dropped down location options is that I have this little targeting option for me here where it says, "People in or who show interest in your targeted locations." And as a, I guess, base and the recommended option, Google always, always, always as default has this selected. So if you're going through making a new campaign and you don't purposely come in and change this, it will always be selected as people in or who show interest in. And what that means is if somebody is up here in let's say Canada and they're searching for a chiropractor in Minnesota but yet, they're not going to be ever coming here and actually living here and becoming a patient or even if they show in for that search.

Matt: Even if they just hit one of your keywords like if they type in your name because you went to school with them or they read an article by you or something.

Tyler: Now you're going to show up.

Matt: Yeah. And you don't want to pay for that click because they're not coming to make an appointment with you.

Tyler: Correct. And so we have people that honestly are like targeting multiple places around the world and, you know, for instance, I could be searching for a chiropractor and/or just a certain keyword and I have people who are showing me ads from Australia. I'm not going to necessarily go in and make an appointment with them when I live here in Texas. And so that's just another example, another simple thing that you can do to make sure that you're not wasting your money on these different things that patients or potential patients aren't going to actually come in and spend money with you. And so those are the two things right off the bat that I usually go in and check because that's easily something we can take care of to make sure we minimize your spend and cut out some of that spend.

Matt: Those are great tips. Thank you, Tyler.

Tyler: You're welcome. You're welcome.

Matt: Wait! Change it back to people that are in your targeted location!

Tyler: All right. There we go. Now, it's set.

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