It’s Time to Get Outside the Box

PJ Workshop: Rethink Your Offer 

  • Restaurants are offering pickup or delivery.
  • Information Products are being given away at little to no cost.
  • People are actually bundling rolls of toilet paper with their products.
These are unprecedented times. Smart businesses are adapting to meet the needs of their audience and maintain as much cash flow as they can.

The PJ Workshop: Rethink Your Offer will help you:

  • View your customers through the lens of current events
  • Develop an offering that is meaningful and helpful
  • Discover a plan to deliver an A-Ha moment that will stay with your customers long after this crisis ends
  • Script the ideal sales conversation that feels like it was “all their idea”

Business as usual is not going to cut it in these unusual times.

Schedule time with our expert team today for just $99.

It’s a virtual meeting and we’re all working from home, so come as you are… pj’s, quarantine beard, kids running around, it’s all good.

This proven process, called “The Predictable Sales Canvas” is normally part of our 90-Day Growth Accelerator Program, but we’ve pulled it out and modified it because we feel that it will be extremely helpful for businesses trying to keep sales going during the current crisis.

Expect to spend about an hour to an hour and a half on the call and bring all of your stakeholders and people on your team who know your customers the best.

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