How To Create Backlinks That Actually Drive Results

Nick Brown / October 21, 2019 /


Every website owner wants to build lots of backlinks that lead to their website. Doing this authentically is pretty difficult, but it's something anyone can manage. All you need is some creativity and some SEO know-how. Here are some of the best ways you can make some worthwhile backlinks. 

1.    Link to the right sites

Making links that lead to nowhere interesting isn’t going to give you any clicks. Getting your website's attention isn’t all that complicated. You need to be able to consistently link to high-quality content that is relevant to your industry. Once people start noticing this, they’re going to start linking back to your website. You can help push things along by targeting the right audience.

The quality content you create and find should be geared towards your target audience. Get to know the things they want to see. This is something that will help you get the audience excited for a post. Find interesting and relevant statistics to help back your content up and link to it. It wouldn’t hurt to get some stories or quotes from influencers to make it even more interesting. Spice things up and people will flock to your website and link to it from social media and their own blogs.

2.    Have patience

Everyone wants their website to succeed right away, but this simply isn’t feasible. Getting a ton of links requires patience. If you’re aiming to get a ton of natural links fast, you might want to tone down your expectations. You can either get some natural links or you can get some fast links. Getting both at the same time isn’t doable in a short timeframe.

Patience is going to help you get a better grasp of what your audience wants. You can try to rush into things, but that's not going to produce satisfactory results. You're just going to have to build some strong and relevant links while driving the desired traffic to your website. One of the best ways you can do this is with the help of guest posts. Create some interesting content for another website, as this will benefit both of you. Plus, you get some nice backlinks from your content and the website to boot!

3.    Never leave footprints behind


A lot of content creators worldwide tend to get ahead of themselves and start rushing into things. This could lead to some unnecessary mistakes that can negatively affect your website’s traffic. Leaving footprints is one of these mistakes. It’s not uncommon for SEO content creators to leave the occasional footprint while they’re building backlinks.

This can be bad for your ranking if the search algorithm figures it out. You need to make sure that all of your footprints are gone from any backlinks you create. Start with the obvious stuff. You shouldn’t leave the same description of your website on other websites. It’s going to look like a very spammy attempt to get some backlinks. This is something search engines don’t take kindly to.

For your guest posts, you should switch up the author's name and bio from time to time. This way, you’re getting all the benefits and none of the flak from search engines. You’re not looking to build a reputation; you just want those authentic backlinks. Pen names and aliases can help you with this goal.

4.    Create some shareable content

People like content that they find relatable and amusing. However, people like it even more when something they find is relatable to everyone around them. This will motivate them to share the content with their peers. This is something you need to utilize because it creates natural backlinks for your website and content.

The format of your website needs to make it easy to share relatable and funny content. When you’re looking for experienced web developers, make sure you specify that you want a website that will encourage people to share the content that is presented. This means making the share buttons and options readily available and easily noticeable. You should also make it more appealing for browsing content. A quality search option would be your best bet.

5.    Work on your consistency

Being consistent is important in a lot of industries and markets. You need to crank out good content and links in order to get the same treatment back. This isn’t something you can do on an on-and-off basis. Getting the occasional inspiration for a good idea every month or so won’t net you any results. You need to be a lot more consistent with your work.

Creating more quality content will keep people coming back for more. When they can expect a consistent level of content every now and then, you’re going to start seeing some bigger numbers. Consistency is all it takes to get more people interested in your website. Try to aim for some activity once per week. A blog post would be more than enough to help create some buzz around your website. Add some design decisions and you have yourself a backlink magnet. Just make sure you post consistently.


Creating a website with lots of backlinks seems like a pretty difficult task at first, but you can get some pretty good results with minimal effort. As long as you know what kind of content to aim for, you’re going to find it a lot easier to attract visitors and get natural backlinks. Stick with some of these tips and you’re going to get wonderful results and your website is going to increase in popularity.

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