The Gravity Digital Core Values

Welcome! We're glad that you are here. We hope this page will give you a feel for what the culture is like at Gravity Digital. If our values appeal to you, we'd love to meet you and find out more about your goals and see if we are a fit to work together.

Gravity Digital is a forward-thinking, agile, inbound marketing agency. We want to work with the best, which means that while we love having talent on-site, some of our favorite people work as part of our team remotely. We believe in always learning, adapting, and doing excellent work in a fun environment.

Our Core Values:

  1. Adobe Spark (2).jpgRELATIONSHIPS FIRST 
    This is our biggest value and encompasses the way we work with each other and our clients. It means that we may turn away potential clients if we don't feel the relationship will be fruitful. Relationship supersedes profits. Putting the relationship first means that:
    • We encourage individual ability and creativity
    • We treat everyone with respect
    • We want others on our team to win
    • We are transparent with our words and motives
    • We have a servant mindset

    We feel that the best companies nail the details. Disney and Apple are prime examples. Small details can make or break a project or piece of content. We will strive for perfection in every effort.

    The result of every effort that we undertake should be that we've made someone happy in some way. Our content will make readers happy, we will make our clients happy with results and by being easy to work with, and we will approach our jobs with a spirit of fun or “professional lightheartedness”.

    We value having something to say. This means that we will be original, thoughtful, and intentional in our work. We don't write to hit a word count or check a box, we write to say something meaningful. We will approach each project with creativity, imagination, and vision. Substance and clarity are essential! Put some soul into it! Our communication must be straightforward, simple, and easy to read without sacrificing substance.

    We will have full lives, where our work does not hinder our personal lives and vice versa. We will support and encourage each other to succeed both at work, at home, and out having adventures.